, Changes made by GST Council in its meeting concluded on 10th Nov17 ~ CS GAURAV SHARMA

November 10, 2017

Changes made by GST Council in its meeting concluded on 10th Nov17

1. All restaurants will be charged GST @5% without any ITC 2. Outdoor Catering will be charged @18% with ITC 3. Restaurants in Hotel will be charged @5% without ITC (except hotels with room tariff of 7500 and above where tax will be charged @18% with ITC) 4. GSTR 3B will be filed till March 2018 5. GSTR 3B will be simplified for Taxpayer having no tax liability 6. Only GSTR 1 will be filed in FY 2017-18 7. Taxpayer having a turnover of upto Rs. 1.5 crores will file returns as per the following timeline a) July to Sep – 31st December 2017 b) Oct to Dec – 15th February 2018 c) Jan to Mar – 30th April 2018 8. Time limit for filing GSTR 1 for other taxpayer will be as under a) Jul to Oct – 31st Dec’18 b) Nov – 10th Jan c) Dec – 10th Feb d) Jan – 10th Mar e) Feb – 10th April f) Mar – 10th May 9. Invoice wise detail will need to be filed by all taxpayer 10. Penalty on late filing – Rs. 20/day (Where there is Nil return filed) and Rs. 50/ day (for other tax paper). Rs. 20 and Rs. 50 is inclusive of both State and Central penalty 11. GSTR ITC 04 for July – Sep quarter can be submitted upto 31st Dec’17 12. GSTR 4 (Quarterly return of Composition Dealer) can be filed till 24th Dec’17 13. Trans – 01 can be filed upto 31st Dec’17 14. For Composition Taxpayer there will be 1% rate for both trader and manufacturer 15. Composition Taxpayer can provide services upto Rs. 5 lakh 16. Composition Scheme limit will be increased to Rs. 1.5 crore subject to amendment of law by the parliament (threshold in law will be increased to Rs. 2 crore) 17. Composition Taxpayer will pay tax @1% only on taxable supply and not on the aggregate turnover (i.e. exempt supply will be excluded)

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