Gaurav Kumar Sharma is an Practicing Member of the Esteem Apex Institute  ICSI , a Law graduate (LLB) as well  and  working as Practicing Company Secretary in Delhi and NCR Region  with many big Corporate's in the likes of BMW and other Corporates , from The Initial days of his schooling he was quite in Craze with the technology whether its Computer Science and later its turned into the  Ethical Hacking ,exploring the internet. He always tries New Software's, works on its testing's and laying the plans of Social media network strategies. Being the Guest faculty of Nirc of Institute of Company Secretary of India(ICSI) he given many sessions and made the students aware about technology and Digital India and Computer Literacy in the past.

Currently he is also guest speaker in various startup communities and he remained also 
as  the Past Vice Chairman of Noida Chapter of Institute of Company Secretary of India (ICSI).

His Core area of Practice is mainly into Foreign Exchange Management Act, Corporate Laws, Company Act  various other technical laws and process and Startup laws.

Gaurav is a  motivational speaker as well  as motivational strategist and  he feels that  Motivation starts from within and lighting a lamp in heart and brain is required before starting anything daily to get the productive results.

He Believe success happens when one keep on trying and never gives up & must be the tagline in pocket which needs to be follo
wed up throughout.

Gaurav Kumars Sharma , you can contact him on 9990694230...

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