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Monday, November 06, 2017

Gold Jewellery Hallmarking to Be Mandatory from1st Jan 2018

The central government is planing make the hallmarking regulations mandatory for all gold Jewellery sold in the country from 1st Jan 2018. The Hallmarking regulations will be under under the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) Act 2016 by the Department of Consumer Affairs. Presently, buyers of gold don't know the actual quality / purity of their Jewellery. Therefore. the government will ensure the selling of gold only in categories of 14, 18 and 22 carat after the revision of the standards across the country.
The government has informed that most Indian households understand purity of gold in terms of carat. In addition, gold jewellery bear not just the Hallmarking value (such as 916 or 958) but also the value of carat present in gold. Therefore, BIS officials are going to place hallmarking regulations in market by January. Initially, the hallmarking regulation will be placed in smooth way all over the Indian market, as per the official notification.
The execution department of the scheme is also contacting with the manufacturing companies to ensure strict adherence of the revision of the standards laid down. The hallmarking regulations will absolutely ensure the safety of dwellings.

he Department of Consumer Affairs will confer BIS to contact with certified private agencies to check whether manufacturing of gold Jewellery are conforming to standards prescribed in their areas where the standards body's staff is insufficient.
Under the proposed regulation, hallmark will also mention the carat of gold used the Jewellery. The government will ensure hallmarking along with carat count compulsory for the ornament sold across the nation.
BIS is the nodal agency of Government of India to operate the hallmarking scheme. This hallmarking scheme has been evolved with international criteria on hallmarking. The rules and regulations of hallmarking scheme operates on the basis of trust.

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