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November 25, 2023

LMPC Registration Legal Metrology Packaged Commodity


  • LMPC registration is mandatory for entities dealing with import, manufacturing, and packaging of prepackaged commodities in India.
  • Purpose: Ensure compliance with legal metrology laws regulating weights, measures, packaging, and labeling in trade and commerce.

Definition of Prepackaged Commodities

  • Commodities placed in packages without the purchaser being present.
  • Have predetermined, easily measurable quantities.

Legal Framework

  • Governed by Legal Metrology Act of 2009 and Legal Metrology Rules of 2011.
  • State governments have their own Legal Metrology Governance Rules.

Due Date for LMPC Registration

  • Must be obtained within 90 days from the start of prepackaging operations.
  • Late fees: ₹5,000 for missing the deadline.

LMPC Registration Process

Step 1: Document Preparation

  • Applicant Documents:
    • Identity proof (Adhar, voter ID, or passport).
    • Address proof (recent utility bill).
  • Business Organization Documents:
    • Incorporation documents (certificate, MOA, AOA, or partnership agreement).
    • Proof of registered office address (rental agreement or property tax receipt).
    • GST registration certificate.
    • Import-export code (for importers).
    • Sample of labeling or packaging material.
    • Additional licenses related to business activity.

Step 2: Application Submission

  • Submit the application to the Legal Metrology Department of the state.
  • Filing mode varies by state (online or offline).
  • Application fees: ₹500, payable online or via demand draft.

Step 3: Application Review

  • Department reviews the application and verifies information.
  • Inaccuracies lead to the return of the application for rectification.
  • Inspector may conduct an on-site inspection.

Step 4: Inspection Report and Decision

  • Inspection report determines adherence to LMPC rules.
  • Decision on approval or rejection.
  • If approved, an LMPC certificate is issued; if rejected, the process must be repeated.

Certificate Validity and Renewal

  • Certificate valid for 5 years.
  • Requires regular renewal.

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