, Documents required for ISO Registration in India ~ CS GAURAV SHARMA

July 26, 2017

Documents required for ISO Registration in India


Copy of PAN Card
Passport size photograph
Copy of Aadhaar Card/ Voter identity card
Two copies of sales bill/purchase bill

Other Documents required on case to case basis:- 

1. Legal Proof of company like -firm reg./ memorandum/ partnership
2. Tin no./service tax no./
3. Factory Registration of factories
4. Copy of purchase bills-2
5. Copy of sales bill -2
6. Copies of staff biodata -2
7. Copy electricity bill
8. Product Inspection /Testing Report
9. List of employees/ Competence matrix
10. Copy of Previous iso/ce certificate ee
11. List of supplier
12. Product Cataloged/Brochure
13. Pollution Clearance certificate of factories
14. Sign on application form
15. Stamp and Sign on all the pages as detailed above.

ISO Procedure
 The Certification process shall consist of the following key stages,
         Application Review & Contract Review
         Initial Certification Audit: Stage-1 & Stage 2 Audit),
         Certification Decision
         Continual assessment (surveillance audit),
         Renewal Audit

         Suspending, Withdrawing, Extending or reducing scope of certification


There are multiple benefits of ISO registration. Some of the key benefits have been outlined below:

☞ Get government tenders: ISO certificate is now required in a majority of government tenders.

☞ Build credibility internationally: ISO certification helps your organisation helps credibility to build overseas business.


☞ Better customer satisfaction: ISO standards are designed to enable an organisation to serve their customers better and hence increase customer satisfaction. ISO certification enhances customer satisfaction by meeting customer requirements.

☞ Improve product quality: Since product quality matches the international level, this can reduce the risk order rejections which can occur due to the flaw in the product.


☞ Improve business efficiency: ISO certification implementation enhances functional efficiency of an organisation. ISO certification agency helps you develop SOP’s & work Instructions for all your processes. ISO implementations help to manage the resources effectively, as you become able to utilise all your resources to its maximum extent.

☞ Improve marketability: ISO certification helps to improve the credibility of business with a current & new client which leads to creating niche market for business.

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